If you are going to spend months in Eger, you might be wondering, where will I stay?

Let me explain the accomodations in Eger a bit further. Many students choose to stay in dormitories and we have a lot of them. In total, at the Eger campus, we have 4 dormitories: Leányka dorm, Almagyar dorm, Apartman houses and Sas dorm. The international students get accomodated in the Leányka dorm, the biggest dormitory in Eger.

If you wish to stay in a flat that is also managable. It’s a bit complicated but worry not, it’s easier than it might seem at first. All you have to do is contact your ESN mentor about your preferences and together you can find a flat. The prices vary from 30.000 HUF to 100.000 HUF/month, depending on the location you choose (the closer the flat is to the city center, the higher the price is). But, the more people you share the flat with, the cheaper is the price! If you worry about the language barrier, it never caused a big problem for the students since their ESN mentors always helped them with these issues. Feel free to reach out to us, if you have any issues concerning your accomodation!

If you wish to know more about the Leányka dorm, check out our page about it!