This guide will show you how to get to Imola by using the train

As a new student coming to the country, I would recommend using the train, because you won’t need to talk with anyone for the sake of language barrier. You can book your ticket online, unlike the bus.


First you will need to download MAV app to book the train ticket that will get you from Keleti station to Eger Android iPhone (click to download),but you will need credit card for the app, or you can buy the ticket at the station itself. After buying it, you will just show it to conductor to be scanned.



After leaving the airport (usually from gate 1), you will need two tickets from the BKK (Budapesti Közlekedési Központ - that is a public transport company in Hungary) machine, you will find it on the left when you leave the gate. The first ticket is Airport shuttle bus single ticket for the 100E bus. Second one is from the same machine, it is a single ticket for 350 HUF to get you to Keleti station. After using the 100E, from there you will take the train to Eger, it is just 20-25 min walking (depending on your luggage 😊) away from the dorm.

*you can change the language from the bottom of screen the to English.










For choosing which one, it doesn’t really matter if you will go by M4 or M2 metro, but I usually take M4.














You will need the first ticket you bought for 100E (Link for route), usually there are two workers from the company at the bus stop, who will stamp the ticket for you and even help you to buy it.

Exit it on the first stop that is Kálvin tér. Get to M4 metro(if you choose that one), end of the line is Keleti station, exit (if you don’t know from where, just follow who is going out with you, works every time).











You can skip the next section if you want to buy the ticket from one of the helping stations (right side of station when you enter) or one of the machines you will find anywhere in the station.




The 100E bus takes about 30 min to reach Kálvin tér so in the meantime you can go through the whole process down to save time.


Now for buying the ticket through the MAV app. After you sign up for the app, swipe right and select Domestic ticket, search for Budapest Keleti to Eger




It might ask you for some info like date of birth and how many tickets you want.

















You will notice three colors here, black, blue and green. Remember, green is good, stick to green, because the others have changes and trust me, you don’t want to move all your luggage and run after the train. It leaves each hour so in case you came early, take a little rest.










After getting confirmation you bought the ticket (and also email with the ticket), swipe right again and select My tickets and choose the one you bought to show it on the train.





Now you entered Keleti station, there will be a big electric board that shows the time for each train and the terminal for it. The train to Eger is usually on terminal 3 or 4. Once you enter the station, stick to the left side and keep walking until you see the terminal which will have a screen with Eger line details on it, and the stations where the train will stop in it. It doesn’t matter as you will leave at the end of line, now get to the train and enjoy the beautiful view from it.

Once you reach Eger, you can order a taxi from the official app, City Taxi Eger on Android, Iphone  or call +36-36-555-555. keep in mind that the one on the other side of the phone may not speak English, you can ask the taxi to come to the station(just say Eger train station), when the taxi driver comes to you, show them the location on your phone which they will follow.
*I would recommend on the last step to use the app, as you won't need to talk to anyone and can pinpoint the destination on the map.

You will find attached PDF document for offline usage

Have a safe trip