Congratulations for getting accepted to the dormitory! Here you will find crucial information about the accomodation, the rules and the answers you have been so keen to find!

First things first, what is this dormitory?

The dormitory is called Leányka dorm, getting the name after the street it is on. (Leányka means „little girl” in Hungarian, isn’t that cute?) This dormitory is the biggest dormitory on the Eger campus with the capacity of hosting 399 students.  The community formed here is not the greatest, but the most diverse in the university! Sadly, the dormitory only offers 60 places for the international students but so far the best friendships have been made here, in our dorm! Here are some basic info you might want to know:

Address:               3300 Eger Leányka street 2.
Phone num:          (36) 520 400 / 4105
Operator:              Imola Hostel Kft.
Representative:    Varga Zsuzsanna
E-mail:                 [email protected]

Dormitory coordinator:  Bodonyi Daniella
E-mail:         [email protected]
Phone num.:     (36) 520-400 /4336


That’s cool, but what do you mean „places”?

Places refer to the „beds” we can offer to the students. We have 3-bed rooms and we have 3-room apartments. Do not confuse the two, and let me explain why! 3-bed rooms mean that 3 students get one room with 3 beds, one bathroom (shower, sink and toilet included), a fridge and microwave. 3-room apartments on the other hands means that 6 students get into an apartment where they can get 2-bed rooms within. The apartment also incudes a separate bathroom and toilet within the apartment (not within the rooms!), a fridge, a microwave and a small kitchen unit (without an oven, because of fire hazard reasons). Incoming students who want to stay in the dormitory, will have to pay a monthly fee of 26.000HUF.

Here are some picture about the rooms and the apartments:



So, what does the dormitory in itself offers for us?

Two common rooms where you can play table tennis, „csocsó” or have a friendly party. An HD TV if you want to watch movies or play some video games. Five kitchens with ovens and cookers. Five (lockable) laundry rooms with 2-3 washing machines. 24/7 security service for safety. Two vending machines full of snacks and a coffe machine (only accepts coins, tho). Clean bed sheets. No curfew.


What is not offered by the dormitory?

Utensils, plates, glasses, general cooking equipment. Towels. Cleaning services (everybody has to clean their own rooms – cleaning services are only offered for the halls, kitchens and common areas). No buffet or any kind of food services. Driers (neither for clothes or hair).


Alright, that’s also cool, but will we have wifi in our rooms where we can share our amazing time in Hungary with our friends online?

Sadly, no. But worry not, we have a solution for it! The rooms and floors in itself do not give you access to a good wifi connection but we do have wifi (only) in the lobby. Now, you might ask, what if I want to search the interwebs in the comfort of my bed? Good question! Here’s how you can do it:
You can buy a router in Agria park at the shop called „Expert”. It’s around 4000 HUF and the price can be easily reduced if you buy it together with your room- or flatmates. If you decide to do so, please contact your mentors about it because the router has to be set by the IT representative from the Dorm Committee in order to not ruin the internet acces in the whole dorm and cause a riot.
Internet cabels. Each room has several cabel connections, so that’s the easiest to get. A 5m long internet cabel is around 1200 HUF at the same shop. Also, the newest update of Windows 10 allows you to make a wifi hotspot out of your PC.


Wait, hold on. Dorm Committee?

Yes! Each dormitory at Eszterházy Károly University have their representatives. In Leányka, we have 7 members: Dániel Kozma (head of the Leányka Dorm Committee), Renáta Kelemen (secretary), Gábor Csufor (treasurer), Márk Matisz (IT representative), Imre Zsombok (disciplinary representative), Mariann Erdődi (events coordinator) and Enikő Kovács (Erasmus coordinator). They are all here to help you in anyway they can and also to make your stay in the dorm safe and sound.


So, if there is a committee that means that the dorm has certain rules that we should keep, right?

Yes, very good thinking! The rules are very, very simple. Thus, it doesn’t mean that they are meant to be broken. We have rules for a reason, kids!

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the buildings. Why? Because it’s dangerous. The rooms, floors and common areas are equipped with sensitive fire alarms. If you decide to break the rule, smoke inside and the alarm goes off, you will face disciplinary and financial (more than a thousand euros!) consequences. But, we have appointed areas outside the building where you can smoke and it is provided with a beautiful view to the city!
  • Cleaning rule: a clean room and apartment is crucial to have a good mood. This rule is not only meant to enforce that but the owners of the dormitory want us to keep the rooms and apartments very clean. This is why there are monthly checks where you will get warnings if you don't keep your room/apartments clean. The first warning will give you a 2500 HUF fee. The second warning will give you a 10.000 HUF fee. The third warning will get you expelled from the dormitory. So, keep 'em clean!
  • Silence rule after 11PM (23:00). The silence rule means that no one is allowed to have mad parties in the corridors, their rooms or in the common areas after 11PM. Why? Not because we hate fun. The rule was created because the dormitory is filled with students who have exams or just simply would like to sleep. First rule of co-habiting: be aware of each other!
  • The laundry room keys. As it was previously said, the dormitory offers places for 399 students. All of them have dirty clothes after a long week that they want to clean. This is why „the laundry room key” rule has been put to action. You can only use it for 3 hours, no longer. If you keep the keys with you for a day, you will face disciplinary consequences!
  • Drugs and gambling are strictly prohibited!
  • No pets!
  • No random room changes! You need to notify the Erasmus Coordinator (Enikő Kovács) if you wish to change the rooms you were given.
  • Having guests: between 06:00 and 23:00 it is free of charge but you have to notify the security guards in the lobby. If your guest wishes to spend the night, it is 2000 HUF/person/night.