I am Xolani Spelle, I’m from South Africa, I’m currently studying computer science and I will be actually here for like 3 years.

Honestly, at first I wasn’t familiar with the places in Hungary, but I would say Eger caught my eye, maybe. Cuz I only chose 3 places and Eger was one of the good choices I made. It’s not too mainstream or popular, meaning like there isn’t a lot of people like in a city like Budapest. And it’s also not too rural like Gyöngyös. It’s in the middle, it gives you that it’s time to party it’s time to study, it’s a balanced life.

 I was scared I won’t lie to you. I was afraid. But I told myself I can do anything, all I need is just instructions, and I got good instructions from Ms Anita Molnár and those instructions really helped me. And I got assistance from the S. A Embassy they took me to the train station and from there I just did the rest for myself. When I got here I took my own taxi, found my own way. I relied a lot on google translate cuz I didn’t know any Hungarian. I was like, I really need to let the taxi driver know that I need to go here. It was back and forth at the end I was happy, just putting down my backpacks.

There is a little bit of a communication barrier like with teachers, but when you speak to them like I like the challenge if you can put it that way. As much as this “hard to understand each other” the pronunciation you know, it’s really interesting how when you fight through it. It’s about them to make sure that you understand what you doing. That’s what I love about it.

As much as we all are going for our goals, in whatever you do, at some point indirectly you are working on yourself. Experience is more important than what they tell you. Well, in case of drugs or other things it is not like that. However, the experience of getting through a situation, and being able to handle the pressure emotionally, physically and spiritually is what matters. Because you are not home, you have to adjust. If you are strong the rest of them will come.

I am not just representing my family or South Africa, I am representing even Africa, and to some people, my race. As much as I would like to have fun, I have to represent everything. Everything that I do should be something that won’t embarrass my home. People won’t say that if he does something wrong, ok we will just judge only the guy from South Africa. And that’s why I’m trying my best.